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Whitney’s Mountaineer Route; June 18-20 2009

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Larry and Mike joined me and our new intern Andy Soleman for a great climb of the Mountaineers Route on Mt. Whitney (14494 ft).  We still had threatening clouds rolling in after noon, so I voted for a 2:00am wake-up.  Since I’m the guide, my vote counted most, and we got up at 2:00am!

I’m adding a conditions report next, but its amazing to see how much snow is in the route.  All of the rock normally exposed this time of year is burried – we just walked right up the middle, in snow, all the way to the summit.  Amazing.

We reached the summit just before 9:00am, and stopped at Iceberg Lake for lunch at 12:00pm.  Even though we cold have hiked down to Whitney Portal that same afternoon (making for a VERY big day), we opted to take a nap and stay another night.  Besides, we had a dinner waiting of chicken burritos with fresh avocado and tomatos, a first desert of chocolate-carmel cookies, and a second desert of icredible dark chocolate (thanks for sharing, Larry!).

Larry and Mike wanted to get down early on the third day, and my 6:00am alarm was beaten by Larry’s voice, “Well, time to get up!”  It was 5 freaking 30!  I managed to ignore him and stay in my bag for another 20 minutes, but we still made it to the Whitney Portal by 11:00am!  Hah!

Chris Simmons is a rock, alpine, and ski guide for Sierra Mountain Center as well as an AMGA Certified Alpine Guide.  More about his adventures can be found on his personal blog, Climb.Ski.Run.Sleep.Repeat.

Written by Chris

June 23, 2009 at 8:55 pm

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